Our way

Who we are

We are a commercial-stage pharma and diagnostics company with many years of experience and a passion for delivering innovative treatments and healthcare solutions to patients in need.

Over many years operating in the complex and competitive pharmaceutical business, our team has perfected commercialisation of innovative treatments and diagnostics. Now we seek to share this expertise with global innovators: to guide them through complex local regulations, pricing and reimbursement practices, seamlessly delivering product approval to the market.

Our innovative approach to modern healthcare standards brings incremental value to medical communities across the region, while our state-of-the-art delivery system makes logistics a pleasure.

The Little Details for the Big Picture

Our business philosophy is based on the concept of “shaping a big picture from the little details”.

The focus markets we operate in – small and mid-size European countries – is a region which consists of 20+ different countries, languages, competitive and regulatory environments that can be a challenging place for the smooth launching of innovative treatments or diagnostics. We know that managing and taking advantage of the peculiarities within these markets is essential in order to catalyse changes and deliver lasting business results.

Applying our expert knowledge of the pharma industry and the region, we gather all the smallest details to develop a “big picture” which turns into specific, compelling and executable strategic blueprints for each healthcare solution and market we distribute to.

Our mission and vision

“We strive to bring modern healthcare solutions and treatments to patients in need by making small and mid-size markets attractive to global healthcare innovators, solving complexities and building on synergies.”